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Petição para revogar licenças GPL da Coréia do Norte: Resposta de Richard Stallman ao André Machado

Enviado por André Machado (andreferreiramachadoΘgmail·com):

“Atendendo a um pedido do Bom Doutor, transcrevo aqui a mensagem que ele me enviou acerca de minha manifestação para que a FSF revogasse a licença GPL do RedStar OS. Um resumo dessa mensagem e de uma conversa que tive com membros da fundação no IRC estão em meu site.

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Would you like to post this response in the places where the other statement is published?

> This is an open letter which aims request that you revoke unilaterally > any GPL license, including LGPL and AGPL, from all versions, from
> RedStar OS developers.

Under GNU GPL v3, it is the copyright holder of any particular work that can revoke the license, but only in case of violation. Under GNU GPL v2, violating the license revokes it automatically.

The automatic checksumming that prevents modified versions violates GPL v3. If there are any GPL v3-covered programs in it, that is a violation. (This is one of the ways GPL v3 is superior to GPL v2.) I don't know whether that distro violates GPL v2. In either case, we think it is a nasty thing to do to computer users, worthy of Microsoft or Apple.

However, it would be futile to try to enforce the GNU GPL against Red Star GNU/Linux. We will not be able to impose demands on North Korea through copyright law, because copyright law (if there is any) is enforced, in each country, by its government. The government of North Korea will not enforce copyright law against itself. If we demand that it do so, the tyrants who rule North Korea would not even bother to laugh at us. They would only think we are nuts.

Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation (,
Internet Hall-of-Famer (
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