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Vaga para Cloud Engineer - Florianópolis/SC

Mantive o texto do anúncio em inglês devido à riqueza de detalhes e ao fato de claramente o domínio do idioma ser requisito para a vaga.

Enviado por Chaordic (natashaΘchaordic·com·br):

“So, you are looking for something cool to work with! Well… we better talk!

We have an opening for a Cloud Engineer position here at Chaordic that might be of your interest. We are using the cloud and open source technologies to build some bleeding edge systems and perhaps you can help us.

Here are some signs you could be a good match:

- You are a polyglot, multi-paradigm, non-dogmatic programmer. We don't care what your favorite language is as long as there are at least two of them;

- You are a generalist who knows something really well. Maybe it's UX, or you can describe how database indices really work, or writing map-reduce jobs is second nature to you, but most important, given a little time and dedication, you can work your way out of any problem;

- Related to the above, but particularly important, you are interested in the whole stack. There is no part of the system that is somebody's else problem.

It is hard for us to give you a proper job description. But you will work to make sure that the system will be available all the time, keeping a nice response time overall. And, well, this is not an easy task.

We need you to have some solid understanding of the UNIX environment. By that we mean that you should know how to identify problems and the tools for that. Being familiar with distributed and high available systems is important, as we rely on that for most of our architecture.

Having experience in programming (ruby, python, javascript, nodejs or others) is also extremely valued!

Besides that, with a DevOp mindset, there are some stuff that would be nice of you to know, such as: network protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP etc), Monitoring Systems, virtualization and product experience with AWS (EC2, S3 and so on).

So, that's it, if you want to know a bit more, apply for this job!

This is a technical job offer. Although we value leadership skills, this is a hands-on job. So if all you are bringing to the table are your management skills, please don't waste your and our time.” [referência: ]


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